WA Paint Horse Association - State Show 2019 –

‘So much Colour!’

On 23 March 2019, the WA Paint Horse Association (WAPHA) ran the WA State Show for our breeds in the west.


The venue was Brookleigh, a private horse and equestrian centre situated in the Swan Valley just north of Perth.


It is a great location with all the necessary amenities required for a safe and successful show.


This year we had over 140 classes but thankfully with good weather, a great Judge and very willing competitors, the day ran like clockwork.


Hi Point Senior Horse Winner: Paint Bred Mare -Invited With Love with owner Jacinta Bolsenbroek. 

With the standard Paint Horse and Paint Bred events we continued the inclusion of American Paint Horse classes

(36 in total - including Halter and Ridden events), to the program that we began last year.


Grand Champion Paint Bred Melane Pillow Talk with owner Julie Baker and Judge Jeffrey Hall. 

We would like to acknowledge the great support of the PHAA and APHA who assisted in making this a success, and we will be continuing to provide these classes to our future shows in WA.

The show was well supported by a wide range of sponsors which included the PHAA (Buckles), APHA, Legacy Paints and Horsemanship, Platinum Demolitions, Hay Australia, Equident, Braybrook Boutique B&B, Aussi Country Stock Horses, Palm Lodge Paint Horses, Karen Cornish, Michaela Breen, and Pam Eglinton to name a few.

Congratulations to all the class winners, and also to the Hi-Point Awards and Buckle winners, who clearly stood out with their commitment and efforts throughout the show.


Some of the successful competitors on the day included; Grand Champion Paint Horse 'SC Tooshey' and Grand Champion Paint Bred 'Melane Pillow Talk'.

Based on the feedback from the competitors, the WAPHA it was a very positive show with a great atmosphere.


According to the WAPHA committee it was a great success if the competitors loved it – which they very much seemed to do.


It always takes a significant effort for all, not just those in the ring, but, helping the riders, in the canteen, setting up the trail equipment and packing everything away afterwards.  All of which contributes to a successful event.


Hi Point Masters - Jeanette Trandos riding A Good Sensation.

WA Paint Horse Association Inc.State Show Results


Hi Point 2yr Old

Hi Point Junior Horse

Hi Point Senior Horse

Hi Point Amateur

Hi Point Masters



EEC Zippin on the Ritz

SC Tooshey

Invited With Love




Rebecca Lee

Tracey Whitton

Jacinta Bolsenbroek

Tracey Whitton

Jeanette Trandos